Ruf Records' "Double Trouble" Tour 2017


Ruf Records' "Double Trouble" Tour 2017

We are very excited to announce that Layla Zoe will perform on the Ruf Records' "Double Trouble" Tour next year, featuring Layla Zoe and her band, and the all female american band Jane Lee Hooker! Don't miss your chance to see this special Double Bill tour in Europe, in March of 2017! Tickets available now! And more dates will be announced as they are confirmed...

March 03, Blues Garage, Hannover, Germany
March 04, Heimathaus, Twist, Germany
March 05, Schwarzer Adler, Rheinberg, Germany
March 07, Gemeindesaal, Lindewerra, Germany
March 08, Downtown Bluesclub, Hamburg, Germany
March 09, Colos-Saal, Ascheffenburg, Germany
March 10, Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany
March 11, Alter Schlachtof, Soest, Germany
March 12, Piano, Dortmund, Germany
March 15, Jubez, Karlsruhe, Germany
March 16, Tonenburg, Höxter, Germany
March 17, Sang a Klang, Luxembourg
March 18, Jazz A Toute Heure, Gif Sur Yvette, France
March 20, Garage Deluxe, München, Germany
March 21, Hirsch, Nürnberg, Germany
March 24, Musigburg, Aarburg, Switzerland
March 25, Mühle Hunziken, Rubigen, Switzerland